Mona Lizzy’s


We are a small “mom and pop business” embracing the diversity of San Diego. Bringing together talented artists of all backgrounds to provide salon services, art classes and locally made goods to the community. My partner and I built-out the current Mona Lizzy’s location on a tight budget with some creative designing and re-use of materials we either had or found. We saved every stick of wood from the demo,(which we actually did ourselves) and reused every piece of that wood to create what we made Mona Lizzy’s into. It was so perfect the way the place came together because it also happened to embrace the way we think about the world; re-use it, make it better and have fun doing it.

Mona Lizzy’s focus is on educating people of all ages in Art and thinking about our world in a new, more resourceful way. We support, purchase & retail locally made, US made, hand crafted goods, housewares and accessories by artists.  We provide Art, Craft & Sewing classes for children and adults. We also provide salon services(See our Salon page for info about our Green Team of Hair Artisans.)  to a small clientele using only the best products for the environment and you, Aveda & Eufora. And know that every time you are having your hair done that you are helping our Earth. We save all hair clippings  to be donated to, The Clean Wave Project, which turns the clippings into hair mats for oil spills in the ocean. Most importantly, we are a Green and Eco friendly shop regardless of  if we are making an art project,  or styling hair. Please keep that in mind when visiting our shop. Look around on our site, sign- up for an art class, join a morning yoga class, or just come in and visit us!


Welcome to Mona Lizzy’s

2610   Adams   Ave.   San Diego,   CA   92116                                     619.487.0404