Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio Policies


Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio Student Contract, Classroom Policies and Safety Rules.

The studio is a place for all students to create comfortably, and discuss artwork. Safety and security is our number one goal in creating in the art space. Shoes and proper clothing is required for all art classes and workshops.

*Please read carefully and sign. Lets create together, we can have a successful and fun art experience!  

I _______________________________________ will do the following and assume responsibility for myself and my actions.      

I will always wear shoes when working inside or on the patio of the studio.

I will be sure to carefully read instructions. If I have questions or do not feel comfortable using certain tools I will ask for help.

I will always use tools properly and use safety precautions.

I will be sure to unplug power tools/hot tools and put away properly.

I will work quietly and thoughtfully so others may do the same.

I will be prompt, present and remain in the studio.

I will listen carefully and be courteous when others are talking or demonstrating.

I will always use my time productively.

My language, comments and projects are appropriate for the studio and not

offensive to any individuals.

I will demonstrate a positive approach to assignments and consider feedback.

I will keep track of materials and come to class prepared to work.

I will participate in group activities and critiques.

Supplies and room:

I will respect the art studio, I will clean up after myself and others if needed.  

*The last 10 minutes of class are for cleanup.  

I will treat supplies with respect.

I will ask questions if I am not sure where something goes/ how to use it.  


Please feel free to contact me anytime.  I look forward to sharing and learning about art

with your child.  

Phone: ____________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________

I have read this contract and agree to comply with the guidelines previously stated.


Student Signature:___________________________________ Date_______________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________________

Emergency Contact:

In case of an emergency and we are unable to get a hold of you, please leave me with an alternative contact for your child.

Name:______________________________________________________ Relationship:___________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________________