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Services provided by Mona Lizzy’s are unique and tailored to you. Please email with any questions you may have or to set up a consultation.

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Sew Mona Lizzy’s.... Sews’ pockets in your skirts and dresses! 

Ever find a dress you love but it didn’t have pockets? or wear a dress to a formal occasion and you don’t want to be hassled with carrying a bag, when all you need is your id, phone and lipgloss!?

Well now you won’t have to worry about those petty things. Mona Lizzy’s provides pocket service. Old or new, long or short, Mona Lizzy’s will sew pockets into your skirts or dresses.

Be advised, not all clothing items are suited for the service. Please set up a consultation.

*Ask your local retailer to have Mona Lizzy’s provide this service.

Starting at $40...

*Discounts for multiple items.

*Additional fee for purchase of extra fabric.