Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio


Gettin’ Crafty Classes

Printing & Paper Making

In the next seven classes you will try a variety of techniques and materials to work on. We will printing, stamp, embossing on paper, fabric wood. The choice is your to create what you like, I will be there to guide you and demonstrate techniques. Projects include; Positive/negative t-shirt prints/skill screening/transfers/block carving, stamping/paper making. Most supplies included. Open to all ages. Groups welcomed!

7Weeks, 2hrs/ $185

Candle Making Workshop:

In this candle making workshop you will learn how to make a piece of clear glass look like mercury glass. Mercury glass was a technique used in the 1800‘s on glass and mirrors through the use of silver nitrate. This made the glass have a shiny, silvery, reflective surface. Now, clearly we won’t be using silver nitrate... I will teach you a safer way to make any glass have this shiny, antique affect. Once you’ve created your glass we will then pour a candle into the vessel. Please inquire about the proper glass to use when signing up for the workshop.


Crafts from Recyclables:

Craft from recyclables is a class where you will challenge and explore your creativity. We will work from a variety of materials and provide demonstrations and techniques that would work best for your projects. Most projects will be chosen by you and worked on at your own pace. Most supplies are included or free from the recycle bin!

mason jars(colorize)/mercury glass/jewelry dish/planters/make your own beads and buttons/wallets/tote bags.

8weeks, 2hrs/$120

Mosaic (6Weeks) $125

Jewelry Making Beginning;

Learn beading techniques, wire work, resin and set stones. Projects are at your own pace and choice. You can make your own beads from clay. Two hour class.

4weeks, 2hrs/$125

Craft & Cocktail Night

Craft & Cocktail Night is a great two hour, bi-monthly event. Good for all back grounds of art/DIY-er’s and great for beginners. No Judging! Its a fun time and not only do you learn a new skill, craft, or art technique....but, you get to drink while you do it! Maybe a little liquid courage will help you to be fearless in sharing your creativity. However you may be a person who doesn’t need liquid courage... this class will help you to enhance your hosting skills by learning how to prepare a fancy-smanshie drink for the guests at your next party. Not to mention you can brag how you made the glasses their drinking from! Check calendar for up coming events. Projects vary from class to class.

Limited Space. Two drink Maximum, 21+yrs. $40.00