Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio


Fiber Art & Sewing

Fiber Courses


4weeks $100

In this class we will try a variety of felting techniques and dying techniques. Some crocheting or knitting skills are beneficial but not necessary. You will learn to needle felt to make shapes or beads. Nuno felting to create a one of a kind clutch, bracelet or scarf.

Sew, Crocheting, Knitting & Embroidery

6weeks $145

Learn a variety of crocheting, knitting and embroidery stitches. Make your own knitting needles and work at your own pace of a project of your choice with the aid of an instructor. Some knitting or crocheting skills helpful. Open to all ages, that means adults too!

Sewing, Beginning, Kids or Adults

Lessons can be arranged for your schedule. Individual or group lessons. Group lessons increase to two hour sessions and will work as pairs or up to 4 students maximum.

Students will learn how to use their sewing machine, thread the bobbins and begin to use. They will make a variety of wearables, such as;  an apron, pajama bottoms and pillow set, a wallet/tote bag and a skirt. Through out the course there will be emphasis on a variety of techniques, like sewing on a button, making a button hole and sewing in a zipper. Students will do more advance and complex projects as skills develop and build. This class includes a field trip to the fabric store, where they will learn about fabric, how to choose and buy it. Specific supplies required for this class and are a must! Please inquire for a supply list.

8 weeks/$145

Beginning Sewing Saturdays


Kids 8-14yrs


Limited space. Please inquire for a supply list.

Intermediate Sewing - 


From old clothing re-new and re-make that old t-shirt into a super hip skirt, or maybe a boyfriends work shirt into a dress. The possibilities are limitless. Bring your good will bag to our door step and will help you re-make some of those items into a wearable modern one of a kind piece of work.