Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio Registration and Policies.

Please fill out and return prior to the workshop. Simply copy this page(highlight the text, command copy...), then click the mail icon at the bottom of this page. It will prompt an email msg., paste the reg from in the email, fill in your info and click send!(email) to;

A maximum of 15 participants will be accepted in a class. A minimum requirement of 9 participants enrolled for classes to be held. All participants must be 21yro + and can verify with proper id. Craft and Cocktail Night is $40.00 (unless specified otherwise) includes a two drink maximum and the art project, most supplies included. Prepayment with Registration is required for all art sessions(Due prior to the class.) If the art class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment or for other unforeseen circumstances, the registered participant’s payment will be returned for full refund. You will not be refund if, you choose to not attend a class for any reason(ex:sick, stayed home, on vacation, etc.)

Email will be my main way of contacting you, and confirming your reservation. Please include an email that you check regularly, if you would like to be reached. Also, “liking” the Mona Lizzy Art Studio Facebook page is a good way to see photos of the art work we create and any up coming art events. I will not email you about events, unless you request information, and only things that pertain to your art class.

Payment may be made by:

Cash/Check/PayPal-Payable to Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio

Name: _______________________________________________________ Course: ____________________ Date: _________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________How did you learn about this course?___________________________________________

Where do you look for activities for yourself/child?(Facebook? Newspaper?) please name the source__________________________________________________________________________________________________

What kind of art classes are YOU or your child most interested in?


What kind of art classes would you like to see more of or try? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please read on... Important info!

Refund/Cancelation Policy: No refund will be given for an art course, unless cancelled for poor enrollment. All refunds are subject to a fee of half the cost, for no shows. Another words if you sign up for a class and pay the fees, you then decide not to show up, without prior arrangements of one weeks written notice, you not be refunded.If you give written notice, you will be refunded half the cost.

Allergen Policy: Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio, advises all program registrants suffering from allergenic medical conditions, documented or otherwise, that they register in art classes at their own risk. We, make no representations and will accept no liability regarding presence or absence of all allergens at facilities where art programs take place. No staff member, instructor or volunteer shall administer Medication of any kind to a child/adult. If a participant has an allergy or medical condition that may require a quick response with medication, the parent or another responsible adult who has written permission, is welcome to stay in the class (as an observer only), in the event of that persons need.

Photos. By signing this form, it is known that I may take pictures of you creating art work, or your projects. The pictures may be posted on my website or facebook page. If you would like to receive the pictures, I will tag you in the photos, otherwise no names will be given, nor any other personal information.

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