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Art classes are a great way to express yourself.  Art also helps in developing critical thinking, and problem solving abilities.  Whether it’s your first class or many, there is always something new, changing, or can be re-interpreted.

At Mona Lizzy’s there is an array of art courses that can be taken. From jewelry making, to sewing or painting. I feel art is for everyone. We are not conventional and open to any and all ideas. Art at Mona Lizzy’s is about being creative, there is no right or wrong way. Click on one of the links to the left and see if you can find a class to join today. Be sure to see our calendar for up coming demos and weekend workshops.

*Please email to set up a private or group event. Most private lessons start at $25.00 an hour.

Class Room Policies

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Why Art?

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Sewing Saturday! Learn how To make a "30 min Circle Skirt". All levels welcome!;)

In the sewing workshop you will make your own pattern, and learn how to sew a circle skirt. $30 to join. Class starts at 10am until noon.(Please see calendar for dates)

Please bring at least two yards of cotton, knit, or linen fabric. If you buy fabric on a 44” bolt you will need more than 2 yards if you plan to make a full circle.
two inch wide elastic(you will see the elastic, so pick something pretty!) 
I do have black elastic on hand for you to use.
Email to join, limited space.
Arrive 15 mins early to set up your machine. If you don’t have a machine still arrive early!